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Tag "Syrian refugee camps"

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I Got Over my Midlife Crisis in Syrian Refugee Camps

Excerpt: “Then something kind of crazy happened. A friend asked me if I’d be willing to volunteer with her in Syrian refugee camps on the island of Lesvos in Greece. With ISIS no doubt waiting for me to land at Mytilene Airport on that tiny island, there was no fucking way I was going. ‘You’ve got to go,’ my husband Henry commanded. ‘You’re in a major rut.” Keep Reading …

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This is What Syrian Refugees Look Like (Slideshow)

Thanks to the Paris terror attacks and the more recent mass shooting in San Bernardino by two Muslims, Syrian refugees are all over the news. The internets and pundits are rife with Islamophobia and xenophobia as a result. (The Donald’s combover has never looked quite so outraged.) Keep Reading:

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What One Refugee Did That Put a Lump in my Throat (Syrian Refugee Camps)

Excerpt: “I have my own story. One I’ve replayed in my head when dread lodges in my body while I watch the scenes of horror in Paris unfold on TV. Just yesterday, prior to the attacks, I visited Moria. It has the most dire reputation of the refugee camps because it’s where the single Syrian males are housed along with what are considered “economic” immigrants from Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Iraq. Moria is surrounded by high concrete walls topped with barbed wire and looks more like a prison than a refugee camp.” Read More …

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Going to Syrian Refugee Camp in Greece. Back Soon.

Should all the stars and British Airways align I’ll be leaving next Monday for the Moria and Kara Tepe Syrian refugee camps on the island of Lesvos in Greece to volunteer and gather stories. I like to live a scheduled, structured, fairly predictable life, but am fortunately friends with a bad ass human rights activist, Jamie Grumet, who likes to push me out of my comfort zone. In 2013 she talked me into taking my family to Africa and now this. Keep Reading.

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