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Sizzle Video for our Shift For Love Seminar & My New Relationship Site is Live!

I’ve launched my new website where I write about Asshat Recovery, the Dating Dojo & Marriage Mojo. I’ve also started an “Ask Shannon” video series. So far I’ve shot: #1 She wanted to move in the first week they were dating. Is that normal? #2 The Number One Dating Rule. #3 What do you do when your Married Sex sucks? #4 What Can I do when I no Longer find my Spouse Attractive?

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She Showed Her Blind Date How Crazy She Was. What Happened Next…

So, through lots of trial and error I came up with some rules for dating: #1 Blind dates could only be during non-prime time (weekday coffee or lunch, maybe weeknight drinks if he came highly recommended). #2 Prime-time dates (i.e., Friday or Saturday night) had to be preceded by at least one non-prime date. #3 No calling after the first date. That was up to him, and if he didn’t call me within a week, write him off. If he called within a day or even two, then regarded him with suspicion and distrust. That meant he was too eager … Keep Reading!

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