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Your Inner Fox

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What My Hair Was Trying To Tell Me

I was living with a man, at the time, who consistently broke my heart and was pursuing a career that didn’t want me.

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How Becoming a 1950s Pin Up Girl Boosted my Body Image!

Last week I got to be a Bombshell. I’ve always wanted to be a Bombshell, and am grateful to chocolate and french bread for making it all possible. Like a lot of women, I always have my eye on what

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Fact: The Way We Eat Our Food Is The Way We Make Love

If you’ve been anywhere around this site or my social media networks you are probably incredibly sick of seeing my 1950s pin-ups. I’m posting them everywhere because I love them. These photos are a reminder to stop the negative body

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The Scar Project

Are You Afraid Your Body Isn’t Beautiful After an Accident or Surgery? (Body Image Issues) Today I received a comment that made my heart ache. Melanie read Ruby’s story in our Love Your Body Now series and wrote this: “Ruby

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How I Came to Love My Soft Tummy

Body Image Issues Begone! “What’s this?’ I asked a roided-out Gold’s gym employee. I was holding a fistful of my own soft, round flesh, which seemed to have suddenly appeared beneath my belly button two Mondays ago. I was twenty-eight

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A New Study on how to Heal Body Image Issues (The Kissing Video)

Okay, just stop judging your body. Have you stopped? Good. Now, how does your body feel? Mine feels pleasantly tired after working out hard in Pop Physique. My hands are a little sticky and sweaty on the keyboard. My tummy

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Are You Spectatoring During Sex??

My first lover was a USC football player with 0% body fat. He looked like this: You’d think we would have had hot sex. And every now and then we did. But a lot of the time I was, what

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10 Things I did to Prepare for my 30th High School Reunion (Before and After Photos)

This is what I did to prepare for my 30th high school reunion: 1. Over-indulge in wine coolers and nervous carbohydrate eating. 2. Gain 5 lbs. 3. Develop new mantra: “You’re still a skinny bitch.” 4. Wax my mustache. 5.

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I’m In Love With An Incredible Woman! Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom.

I tend to be a “look at me, look at me” kinda gal.  I danced on bars in my twenties. For free.  Sometimes I was asked to stop doing that. But to those of you who trust me not to

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What Is Your Hair Identity?

I was going to write about the three main reasons America failed in Iraq: 1. We disbanded the Iraqi army leaving a bunch of 20-year old boys without jobs, but with lots of guns. 2. We cut too deeply in

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Why I Stopped Trying To Make My Daughter Be Pretty

My 10-year-old daughter Clare only likes to wear clothes from the boy’s section. Preferably a boxy, shapeless t-shirt with pictures of Spiderman or any other superhero on them. She always wears two braids. Always. Even to bed. Her hair is

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West Los Angeles Moms Have Buns of Titanium, But At What Cost?

You know you’re hanging out with West Los Angeles moms when the majority of them have buns so tight they could open a pickle jar. West L.A. moms take their fitness routine more seriously than the cast of “300.” In

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