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When Is The Desire To Be Desired Too Much?

As a 46-year old woman I frequently blog about beauty and body image. I am not a role model. On the one hand I’ve done a series of fine art nude photgraphs and posts about loving my body now which

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My Face/Neck Lift Without a Knife: Ultherapy Part 1

Soon to come: My Ultherapy Before and After Photos! Hello Ladies and Gents who might feel bad about their necks and nasal-labial folds. I had my Ultherapy treatment today. I’m still a little high on the 10 milligrams of Vicodin,

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A Visit to Homeboy Industries With Jamie Lynne Grumet

My friend Jamie Lynne Grumet – recently on the cover of Time nursing her toddler Aram – is forcing me to step out of my comfort zone. At last tally she’s gotten me to join her at far-flung speakeasies for

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My Ultherapy Before and After Photos to Come!

Like Nora Ephron I feel bad about my neck.  By referencing Nora Ephron, an accomplished filmmaker and novelist, I’m trying to suggest that even really smart accomplished women feel bad about their necks and I might be one of those.

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Should Women Tell Other Women When They’ve Had Plastic Surgery?

There’s a great new article in May’s O Magazine called How Old Do I Look? It features 4 women from age 42 to 81 and divulges what kinds of aesthetic work they’ve had done; from Botox to face lifts. Revolutionary.

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My Encounter With A Never Nude at MomsLa

I occasionally post at a fabulous website called MomsLa.  However I didn’t realize how repressed some of their members are.  I am trying to be a positive influence toward helping them jettison their Victorian impulses … http://youtu.be/LOqoR4RF2NE

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Addicted to Paint

Henry thought our house was getting shabby. New paint, he said. I thought the house looked fine, why spend money on paint when you can spend it on chocolate and water bras? But I agreed to at least get some

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Pruning the Lady Garden aka Laser Hair Removal

  My L.A. mom friends include: A former editor at Forbes Magazine An architect, a lawyer from the Slovak Republic A child development expert A public relations manager and A screenwriter (c’est moi) whose last job included interviewing two war

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West Los Angeles Moms Have Buns of Titanium, But At What Cost?

You know you’re hanging out with West Los Angeles moms when the majority of them have buns so tight they could open a pickle jar. West L.A. moms take their fitness routine more seriously than the cast of “300.” In

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Pregnant and Proud (Gestation: 27 Weeks, 4 Days)

In film school I made an eight millimeter film on female body image for my non-narrative film class. I decided it was important to demonstrate that women of all sizes were beautiful. So I begged my actress friend Beatrice, a

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These Shoes Weren’t Made For Walkin’ (Gestation: 17 Weeks)

Brand-new black pumps. When I put them on, I’m not a four-months-pregnant-mommy-of-a-toddler-with-a-stockpile-of-Preparation-H-and-Colase.   No. I’m La Femme Nikita … If her cigarette skirt had an elastic panel over the belly.   And if she had water retention.   And didn’t have

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