• When You’re Over 45 You Might Need To Have The “Second Talk”

    It’s June 27th, 1975. My 10th birthday. Will I get a fast growing hair Barbie? I rip through the Snoopy wrapping paper to discover … Sweet Suzie’s Starter Menstruation Kit. WTH? “Go ahead, honey, open it,” says my mom, face shining beatifically as if I were the …[Read More...]

  • Passion Parties Make You Feel Unsexy


    Wednesday Epiphany: Passion Parties Make You Feel Unsexy Have you done it in an elevator?  Yes.  Have you done it in an airplane?  Of course.  Have you done it with a Native American? Does a Oaxacan busboy count?  Have you done it in a car? …[Read More...]

  • The Clitoris: Does Size Really Matter?


    Author’s note: (In this post I will use Google-recommended euphemisms for the word VAGINA. They will be written ALL IN CAPS). Henry has informed me that I am blogging entirely too much about the BIRTH CANNON so I perused my recent posts and discovered he’s …[Read More...]

  • My Last Post On Blogspot! aka Batwoman Says Good-bye

    Batwoman Halloween.jpg

    This will be my last post on Blogspot, (in case the title was ambiguous or you’re on crack and can only hear the high-pitched whistles dogs howl at). I have no feelings about Blogspot except it seems to have a lot of rules and blockages …[Read More...]

  • All About My Vagina

    About My Vagina

    Okay. It’s not as inappropriate as it sounds. Try not to be disappointed. I bring you all you ever wanted to know or didn’t want to know all about my vagina. For more on my vagina click here.