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    I’m happy today. What the hell am I going to blog about? Oh, Happiness how you foil my creativity! How soft and sloppy you make me! How ineffably boring. Here are my happiness photos:

    This Year's Christmas Photo

    Picture 1 of 17

    Don't hate us because we're beautiful...

    But don’t worry, I’m certain my nihilism and general restless dissatisfaction will re-emerge tomorrow to forever drown my happiness.  xo S

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    9 comments > Write one

    1. That blue hat does wonders for your eyes! Great pictures.

    2. I adore you, I adore your family and I ADORE your photos!

    3. What a great family photo!!

    4. It would make me happy if would join the gathering I’ve been emailing you about!

    5. Nicole says:

      Wow! I feel like I know such a different side of you now. Beautiful family, hot car, and hysterical…now that’s the life!

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