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10 Fun and Easy Ways to Change Up Your Style

As you know I’m prone to Shopaholism. Here’s what I’m trying to keep my credit card from exploding: Every woman goes through phases of being uninspired with her wardrobe. You likely know the symptoms: wearing the same few items over and over, staring at your closet for hours, and not being excited to get dressed. This means that it is time to shake up your closet and change your style. Fear not: this won’t require revamping your entire wardrobe or spending your entire paycheck. Here are 10 easy ways to mix up your style without breaking the bank: Check it Out!

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How Safe is Your Vagina from These 7 Deadly Afflictions?

Excerpt, “I was particularly self-conscious after my injury because I was sure all the juvenile delinquents camped next to us (my first introduction to the allure of The Bad Boy) could tell, by the way I walked, that my 13-year old lady bits were the size of a catcher’s mitt.” Keep Reading …

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