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Best Dating, Sex, Love & Life Advice Around The Web This Week

Excerpt: Dr. Gary Penn says this about dating, “Say what you want. It’s not desperate to tell a date what you want from life. If a man or woman freaks out because you’re looking for commitment, marriage, a family, that’s good information to have.”

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He Hit on Me, Then Married Her. Tales From an Inadvertent Matchmaker.

Excerpt: Then one night at the Peninsula I noted two gentlemen eyeing Glenna and me from a neighboring table. We’ll call them The Accountant and The Silver Fox. As his pseudonym suggests The Silver Fox was north of 55 and one of those men who age magnificently. An athletic build, sparkling blue eyes, a real looker. Read More …

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She Wanted to Move in After Dating One Week! Shannon Colleary Advises her Guy!

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful website is where I’ll continue to tell tall tales about naked Dutch boom operators, lady gardens, the tunnel of f#@k, Lena Dunham’s breasts, my Gwyneth Paltrow voodoo doll and Henry’s prowess in the boudoir, but for dating and marriage advice you’ll go to shannoncolleary.com

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The Brits Tell Us How to Date at Lovestruck

Have you been single so long with you no longer own a matching underwear set? Is ‘freezing eggs’ a definite phrase in your Google history? Own a cat or two? Then this post is for you! Keep Reading …

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Sizzle Video for our Shift For Love Seminar & My New Relationship Site is Live!

I’ve launched my new website where I write about Asshat Recovery, the Dating Dojo & Marriage Mojo. I’ve also started an “Ask Shannon” video series. So far I’ve shot: #1 She wanted to move in the first week they were dating. Is that normal? #2 The Number One Dating Rule. #3 What do you do when your Married Sex sucks? #4 What Can I do when I no Longer find my Spouse Attractive?

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Shift For Love: I’m Speaking At My First Relationship Seminar With Dr. Gary Penn!

I’m thrilled to announce my participation in my first-ever relationship seminar, Shift For Love, on (mark your calendars) Saturday, April 18th in Santa Monica, California! Below you’ll meet the inimitable Dr. Gary Penn of the mellifluous voice and sage advice, and the creative, effusive image-coach Kimberly Seltzer along with what the three of us have planned for this all-day event.

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She Showed Her Blind Date How Crazy She Was. What Happened Next…

So, through lots of trial and error I came up with some rules for dating: #1 Blind dates could only be during non-prime time (weekday coffee or lunch, maybe weeknight drinks if he came highly recommended). #2 Prime-time dates (i.e., Friday or Saturday night) had to be preceded by at least one non-prime date. #3 No calling after the first date. That was up to him, and if he didn’t call me within a week, write him off. If he called within a day or even two, then regarded him with suspicion and distrust. That meant he was too eager … Keep Reading!

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Do You Love An Asshat? How to Quit Him/Her

Hello there my favorite people. I’m starting something new and hopefully helpful and cool. Because my post, “10 Signs You Might be Dating an Asshat and 5 Ways to Avoid Them” (aka signs of an abusive relationship) has been, by far

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