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Tag "aging gracefully"

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The Shocking Truth about Women in Lingerie over 50 (Photos)

HuffPo 50 took photographs of 11 women ranging in age from 48-67 in their lingerie then asked them how do they feel sexy today as opposed to in their twenties. Their answers will uplift you … Keep Reading!

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Beware the Black Hair! (5 Things Older Women Know That Young Women Don’t)

I was minding my own business, tweezing my eyebrows using a high powered magnifying mirror, capable of lighting up the crevices of your aging face like floodlights used to interrogate Colombian drug kingpins during the Pablo Escobar era, when I saw it. It was small, even demure, but it was there! … Keep Reading!

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10 Things I Know About Beauty at 50!

Excerpt: #10. GIVE YOUR LOVER A PROPER KISS ONCE A DAY: That means wrapping your arms around his back. Running your hands through his hair (if he has any). Pressing your cheek to his, so you can feel his stubble, smell his skin. Looking him in the eye, even if it frightens him a little, and then, to paraphrase Roland Barthes, pressing your lips to his so that through your mouth your soul can pass into his.

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I said, “I’ve Never Felt More Attractive.” He said, “I Don’t Believe You.”

EXCERPT: My un-Botox-ed brow furrowed and I felt compelled to ask my equally middle-aged male compatriot whether or not he was at the apex of his juiciness and then maybe break into his home, find his Viagra and shove it up his flaccid orifices. None of which I did. Because I’m certain his orifices are as tight as an Asian gymnast’s ass.

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Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care or The Zen of an Aging Neck

My version of organic anti-aging skin care isn’t what you’d expect… Over 40 we all have it. The body part we notice is a harbinger of our rendezvous with Death. (Oh, happy Monday!) Mine is my neck. My legs are

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I Want to be Raquel Welch When I Grow up. Does That Make me a Hypocrite?

I’ve decided to grow up to look like Raquel Welch. Never mind that Raquel Welch at 73 looks better than I did at 25. By the time I’m 73 I’ll have caught up. I think we must assume la Welch

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