“The literary equivalent of a summer night, a good friend and a gin-and-tonic: Shannon is a deft writer; a natural storyteller with a wicked turn of phrase and frighteningly specific memory...”

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Speaker Thing
Shannon Bradley-Colleary Speaker

Speaking is my thing. I love the crowd and the energy. I don’t love the overhead fluorescent lights. I look much better than that!

But vanity aside I have the skill of understanding my target audience and delivering what they’ll love, while sneaking in the story I want to tell or the information I want to impart.


— Speaking to 5K women as a keynote speaker at BlogHer 2013, Queen Latifah hosted.

— Distilling the key to building your brand (“Get Your Alter Ego & Your Real Self to Mate” – vid below) before an audience of 200 midlife women at the BAM conference in Las Vegas April 2016.

— Teaching an audience of 150 women How to Skip the Asshats to Find Real Love with Dr. Gary Penn.

— Describing what it was like to gather stories in Syrian refugee camps in Lesvos, Greece and how we can help to an intimate gathering of 25 in 2015.

I’ve also spoken on The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, NPR and Raising America. I was selected to be in the casts of Listen To Your Mother 2015 & Expressing Motherhood 2014 speaking about body image and parenting.

Clips of my work:



“Every year we present a live reading of the best blogging of the year as the emotional centerpiece of the annual BlogHer conference. Much of that work is heartbreaking. So we always turn to our humor writers to help bring moments of levity that are also such a part of life. It needs to be smart humor. Relatable humor. Meaningful humor. Shannon was one of our much-needed humor writers at BlogHer ’13, bringing those qualities to the Voices of the Year stage.” ~~ Elisa Camahort, COO BlogHer

Anne Parris 200

“Shannon Colleary combines humor and experience into a riveting session. One of the top-rated speakers from our recent conference, I would invite her to speak again, only this time for a solo session because she’s someone you would want to listen to for forty minutes.” ~~ Anne Parris, 2016 BAM Conference, coordinator

“Shannon Colleary is a force of nature. Her writing captures the spectrum of human emotions with honesty and compassion.” ~~ Kathy Kotkin, Listen to Your Mother (producer)


“Shannon Colleary is smart, funny, engaging and honest – very honest!” ~~ Sharon Hodor Greenthall, 2016 BAM Conference, coordinator 

Dr. Penn

“Shannon was a featured speaker at my live podcast event on relationships. She was honest, vulnerable, insightful and  wickedly smart. Afterwards, numerous attendees sought me out to tell me how much they loved Shannon. To a person, they said that she was highly relatable and inspirational.” ~~ Dr. Gary Penn, Phd


“Shannon’s performance in the 2015 Listen to Your Mother show was enthralling and unique. Her story was moving and captivated the heart’s of the audience.” ~~ Angela Saldaña Camacho, Listen to Your Mother co-producer


“Loved loved loved last Sunday!!!!!!! The photos and your story were very moving and motivating! You are so inspiring and so much fun!” ~~ Heather MacEwen-Trilling, event planner


“Shannon spoke with poise while still being approachable; professionalism while still evoking emotion; conviction while still evoking wonder. She had the audience engaged from word one.” ~~ Cheryl Rosenberg, Listen to Your Mother co-producer

Twitter Praise:

Shannon’s Rates:

I currently have 23K followers across all of my social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, You Tube and Google+.

My rates range from $500 to $3k. It boils down to how long it takes to create the presentation, whether I’m simply on a panel or conducting my own keynote or powerpoint. It also depends on audience size. All travel, lodging and dining expenses must be included.

I look forward to catalyzing your conference and helping your brand, website or business grow! You can reach me at shannon@shannoncolleary.com