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Smooth, Silky Sex After 50! Here’s How…

smooth, silky sex after 50At the tender age of 18, a well-meaning gynecologist working at the USC health center decided to acquaint me with my very own vagina for the first time.

She positioned a little handheld mirror between my legs while I lay back on the examining table, feet in stirrups, so I could see.

Sweet mother of Jehoshaphat, I did not want to see that!
It reminded me of some particularly furry sea anemones I liked to accost with my index finger as a child pillaging the tide pools in Santa Barbara.

I actually felt a bit sorry that my college sweetheart had to muck around “down there.”

Well. After the birth of two gorgeous daughters I was wildly grateful to that oceanic creature for providing me with the means of becoming a mom.

And then there was the sex. Do not underestimate the sex.

I took it for granted in my twenties. My vagina could snap her fingers and have sex any old time she wanted. And it was lovely.

The thirties were fraught with childbearing, but oh those in-between moments of respite and intimacy, while they admittedly came less frequently, were the fabric that kept my marriage intact.

I’ve somehow leap-frogged my forties and turned fifty and menopausal this year. I’ve been relatively lucky.

Thus far I’ve had only mild hot flashes; a minimal (yet still annoying) weight gain; moments of bitchery I can blame on my fluctuating hormones (which may or may not be playing fair); and only the occasional bout of morbid sobbing when I drop my kids at school, certain I’ll never see them again.

And then we come full circle back to the sex.

My sex drive ain’t what it used to be, having said that, it still exists and will tap its heel impatiently, when too much time goes by, and tell me to take my man to bed stat (especially if I happen to’ve just finished watching an episode of Outlander).

Now this part of my body, that made my eyes roll back in dread on first viewing thirty-two years ago, is to be maintained with the same assiduity, passion and love a marine biologist might exert over a salt water aquarium boasting the most rare and beautiful sea creatures in captivity.

For me this means keeping things fluid and moist; and I’m not gonna lie: from time to time I need a little help from a friend. Which happens to be Replens™ Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer. It’s estrogen-free and fragrance-free. Although soon I think I’m going to start looking at how to increase a woman’s desire for sex with Provestra.

It helps replenish vaginal moisture, supplements the body’s natural lubrication, and lasts up to 3 days.  

Replens™ Silky SmooPinterest Sunsetth Personal Lubricant makes sex better because it delivers a soft and silky feeling. Its silicone-based formula lasts longer than water-based lubricants.

So ladies: if you had to pick any celebrity with which to test-drive your Replens vaginal moisturizer, who would it be?

My first choice would be J.D. Salinger or perhaps William Holden?

Unfortunately they’re both deceased (sigh) so I’ll happily continue with my husband, who is famous in our home. Your turn!! 


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  1. caytha
    caytha 27 July, 2016, 10:10

    Hi Shannon – Great fun post and great product!

    i would lube up my engines with Replens & take Alexander Skarsgard out for a test drive…. but he wouldn’t be the first as coincidentally i did just test it out with my husband and while I don’t like to kiss and tell… i can say… it works. Yes. IT DEFINITELY WORKS 🙂

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  2. Lizzie Lau
    Lizzie Lau 27 July, 2016, 10:12

    I’ve always had a thing for Robert Downey Jr.

    Here’s my tweet link: https://twitter.com/actionevans/status/758349002047795200

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  3. Jenna Parsons
    Jenna Parsons 27 July, 2016, 12:09

    I would pick Woody Harrelson. I have been in love with that man since age 14.

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  4. Dana
    Dana 27 July, 2016, 12:30

    Most ppl I’d choose are gay – not sure if that means somethings, and it’s probably not good that I have a small list:
    Matt Bomer, Anderson Cooper, Joe Manganiello (not gay), Reid Scott (also not gay and he should’ve been first on my list!)

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  5. Mo
    Mo 27 July, 2016, 21:31

    Robert Downey Jr has always been my dream man!
    Love you Shannon!

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  6. @MelanieMedia
    @MelanieMedia 27 July, 2016, 22:12

    That’s easy. Idris. Hands down.

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  7. sandee
    sandee 28 July, 2016, 04:23

    Frankly, as women, we don’t warn each other enough about what to expect ahead in our sex lives. Good to know about a good product. Thanks, Shannon!!

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  8. Mami2jcn
    Mami2jcn 28 July, 2016, 13:58

    I have a thing for Russell Crowe.

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  9. Mami2jcn
    Mami2jcn 28 July, 2016, 13:59


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  10. Kelly D
    Kelly D 28 July, 2016, 14:05

    I am not sure who I would choose, but this product sounds great.

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  11. Jessica To
    Jessica To 28 July, 2016, 16:38

    I would pick Tim Tebow.

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  12. Steve Weber
    Steve Weber 28 July, 2016, 18:33

    oh boy.. I’m a dude.. can I just enter to win this please?? hahhaa

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

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  13. Stephanie L
    Stephanie L 28 July, 2016, 18:44

    Chris Young. He’s a country singer, a very very sexy country singer. Bring it on!

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  14. Elena
    Elena 28 July, 2016, 20:06

    I would say Jude Law

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  15. Natalie
    Natalie 29 July, 2016, 09:28

    I would pick Tom Welling from Smallville.

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  16. Jessie C.
    Jessie C. 29 July, 2016, 16:02

    Probably Richard Armitage.

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  17. Jessie C.
    Jessie C. 29 July, 2016, 16:03


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  18. Julie Wood
    Julie Wood 30 July, 2016, 06:09

    I would have to say Daniel Craig. He really does it for me. His piercing blue eyes are incredible!

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  19. Julie Wood
    Julie Wood 30 July, 2016, 06:10


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  20. Margaret Smith
    Margaret Smith 31 July, 2016, 12:06

    Bradley Cooper … no question!

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  21. Erika
    Erika 1 August, 2016, 10:37

    I’d have to stick with my husband.


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  22. Reticula
    Reticula 3 August, 2016, 21:10

    My celebrity crush … do I have to choose just one? OK, I choose Kim Coates. Or Paul Hollywood. I can’t choose just one. I always crush on men who have been married forever. I guess I pick the good ones, but they’ve already been taken.

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  23. Cindy
    Cindy 3 August, 2016, 23:14

    I would share with Shemar Moore.

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  24. Amy Tong
    Amy Tong 3 August, 2016, 23:48

    I can’t imagine any celebrity that I wanna test drive Replens with besides my sweetheart. I guess I am super conservative and can’t help it! 😛 Thanks for the heads up and your thoughts. Enjoy reading your post.

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

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  25. Amy Tong
    Amy Tong 3 August, 2016, 23:49

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

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  26. Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown 11 August, 2016, 02:31

    I would say, Robert Pattinson.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

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  27. Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown 11 August, 2016, 02:32

    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

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  28. katherine
    katherine 17 August, 2016, 02:49

    Never really thought about that so I will stick with my husband

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  29. mita
    mita 17 August, 2016, 11:46

    I’d say Robert Downey Jr

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  30. Madeline
    Madeline 19 August, 2016, 03:44

    Hmm, I don’t pine for celebrities the way I used to, but maybe I’d pick Benedict Cumberbatch.

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  31. RKW
    RKW 22 August, 2016, 11:02

    Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannan from the series Hell on Wheels) -yummy 🙂

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  32. CR Williams
    CR Williams 24 August, 2016, 18:29

    To be honest none! My husband is all I need.

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  33. OFG
    OFG 8 September, 2016, 11:56

    Patrick Stewart 🙂

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  34. Kristen
    Kristen 14 September, 2016, 15:29

    Idris Elba or Hugh Jackman.

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  35. maria cantu
    maria cantu 14 September, 2016, 16:14

    I would say luke bryan.

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  36. truckredford
    truckredford 17 September, 2016, 16:18

    Russel Crowe – he’s my gladiator.

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  37. Cynthia C
    Cynthia C 18 September, 2016, 13:05

    Richard Gere, maybe? Harrison Ford? Or Marlon Brando in his younger days.

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  38. Anastasia Falling
    Anastasia Falling 18 September, 2016, 19:00

    Wow… talk about a tough choice! There are SO MANY! lol I’d have to go for Aaron Ashmore 🙂 He’s super hot AND in my favorite show right now 🙂 (“Killjoys”)

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  39. Kerry
    Kerry 20 September, 2016, 18:48

    Robert Downey Jr. 🙂

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  40. Tabathia B
    Tabathia B 22 September, 2016, 08:45

    Maybe I would go with Idris Elba

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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  41. Tabathia B
    Tabathia B 22 September, 2016, 08:46

    tweet https://twitter.com/ChelleB36/status/778977662031302657

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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  42. shannon
    shannon 23 September, 2016, 12:10

    OMG You crack me up! I’m going for Tom Hardy. 😉

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  43. Tamara
    Tamara 23 September, 2016, 22:24

    My husband will always be my preference. Thanks for sharing.

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  44. Ellie Wright
    Ellie Wright 25 September, 2016, 20:20

    If not my hubby, I would always choose Viggo Mortensen.

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  45. Debbie B
    Debbie B 26 September, 2016, 17:11

    i’d have to stick with my husband

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  46. Wanda McHenry
    Wanda McHenry 27 September, 2016, 23:32

    I don’t want a celebrity, I want my husband.

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  47. Betty C
    Betty C 29 September, 2016, 22:53

    Shemar Moore or Harrison Ford

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  48. Denise L
    Denise L 30 September, 2016, 08:55

    Ha! This is the best sweepstakes prompt evah. And my mind is blank. My old favorites are literally old now (Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp). I’ll choose Jared Leto. Or maybe Ewan McGregor.

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  49. Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy 30 September, 2016, 11:24

    umm, can I just say thanks for the giveaway!

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  50. Terry Stevens
    Terry Stevens 30 September, 2016, 18:57

    I would choose Anderson Cooper as I have always thought he was hot. Too bad he isn’t into women. Oh well, I can fantasize.

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  51. Terry Stevens
    Terry Stevens 30 September, 2016, 18:57


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  52. Jerry Marquardt
    Jerry Marquardt 26 October, 2016, 19:20

    I really don’t want a celebrity. Too much hassle. I like The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger too.

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  53. Jerry Marquardt
    Jerry Marquardt 26 October, 2016, 19:21

    I publicly Tweeted this giveaway: https://twitter.com/versatileer/status/791464668715884544

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