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Who Else Wants to Quiet Their Mind and Be Happier?

What I love most about my guest blogger and top-notch mindfulness coach, Kelly Barron is that together we’re as silly as 6-year old boys trying to make each other laugh during a endless sermon on the evils of silliness in church.

She once made me laugh so hard that wine came out of my nose. But Kel’s a dichotomy, in that she takes self-care very seriously.

I’ve tried to tempt her with ice cream and juju bees, to no avail. She once served me a “wet brownie.” I couldn’t believe how good it tasted until she revealed it was made from avocado and I threw up a little in my mouth.

Last year Kelly came to our middle school (Emerson) that serves many children who don’t always have the means to practice self-care and she spent a year offering her incredible skills as a mindfulness instructor. If you would like to become a mindfulness instructor after beginning your own healing journey, in order to share your skills and healing knowledge with others, then you may want to check out coaching courses in London. These coaching courses can help and support you to gain the necessary skills needed to become an exceptional coach and to practise mindfulness skills.

I’ll let Kel tell you more about herself in her bio below, but I have to tell you she’s launched her new, gorgeous mindfulness site and you really must pop over there and lave a look.

You’ll want to hire her for your life, your work and your school. I give you Kelly:

Kelly Barron – Mindfulness Coach

Meet Lulu.

She’s a 70-pound pit bull with a heart of gold who can teach us a lot about mindfulness practice.

My friend got Lulu from the pound. Like any good dog owner, once she got her home she began to train her. Not long ago, we all took a walk and I saw Lulu’s training in action. A few moments into our stroll, Lulu got distracted by a piece of trash and veered off course.

“Leave it, Lulu,” my friend gently commanded and her muscle-bound pit bull fell in line.

When Lulu got distracted by an invisible smell, a runner’s shoelace or a breeze (she is a dog after all) my friend’s refrain – “Leave it, Lulu” – guided her back on course.

Our distracted minds are often compared to unruly puppies. But maybe they ought to be compared to pit bulls – well-trained ones.

Next time your mind gets stuck in a stream of unproductive or destructive thought, notice your thinking. Stay with it briefly and even notice how it feels in your body. But, then, instead of following the twisted path of thinking any farther, remember Lulu.

Kindly say to yourself: “Leave it.” And come back to something that’s happening in the here and now – your breath, a sound or the feeling of your feet on the ground.

This sort of brain training during meditation or daily life is highly practical. If practiced often, you’ll find that you can more readily drop that gripping worry about your work presentation, your kid’s failing math grade or your retirement nest egg.

Like Lulu, you might have to tell yourself to “Leave It” over and over again.

It’s an ongoing process. But it’s led to an incredibly sweet and happy dog. Imagine what it could do for you!

About Kelly

kelly-picFor years, I worked as a deadline driven journalist as a staff writer at Forbes magazine and for many other magazines and newspapers.

I love journalism. I’m not so fond of stress.

More than 15 years ago, I began to study and practice mindfulness meditation to better manage stress. With options such as trying qrazy train strain (if this is legal in your state), to trying time management techniques and doing calm breathing techniques regularly, the idea of relieving stress may not be as difficult as you first thought.

I got a lot more in the bargain. Mindfulness improved my focus and productivity. It enhanced my relationships. It also made me kinder and happier. (I became a lot less stressed, too.)

Now, I’m passionate about helping others – adults and kids – learn the skills I’ve learned.

I’ve studied with wonderful teachers.

Diana Winston and Marvin Belzer and my training at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA taught me how to facilitate mindfulness.

Susan Kaiser Greenland, founder of Inner Kids, taught me how to teach mindfulness to children and teens.

I’ve also learned from many, many other teachers over the years at Spirit Rock, the Insight Meditation Society, the Skillful Meditation Project and Jeremy Hunter, a pioneer in mindfulness for executives.

I’ve worked with wonderful people at schools, corporations and privately.

I’ve facilitated mindfulness for students and teachers throughout Los Angeles, including those at Wildwood school, Seven Arrows Elementary, Brawerman Elementary, Emerson Middle School and Sinai Akiba Academy.

I’ve also facilitated mindfulness within institutions and corporations, working for law firms such as Milbank and Orrick as well as the Broad Center, the California School Employees Association, Edmunds.com and eMindful, a leading provider of online, evidenced-based mindfulness programs.

My journalistic curiosity still informs me.

In teaching mindfulness, I draw upon my research and reporting skills, gathering relevant information from fields as far ranging as science, literature, philosophy, even athletics.

I also draw heavily upon my own practice and my experience as a mother, wife and lifelong athlete.

A few other odds and ends you might want to know: I received my master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and my bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the College of William and Mary.

I hold a training certification from the American Council on Exercise and I’m dedicated to educating others about functional fitness and mindful movement.

Hanging out with my family is my favorite past time. On most days, I love to cook. Paddle boarding, playing ping pong and, of course, meditating make me smile.

You can follow Kelly on Twitter. You can pop over to visit her website at KellyBarron.com. By the way this is not a sponsored post. I just love this girl and think everyone should have her in their life!

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