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How to Build Your Brand in 6 Minutes!

How to Build Your Brand? Your Real Self + Your Alter Ego = Your Brand.

What do I mean by that? Well, you can ask Clark Kent, or Bruce Wayne or Beyonce.

But if you can’t get any of those peeps on the phone, you can watch the 6-minute powerpoint I presented last week at the information-rich BAM (Bloggers At Midlife) 2016 conference in Vegas.

Viewer Warning:

There will be bodacious ta-tas, aged vajaylaws and a heap of good information for wild, renegade mavericks out their building their own business:

Thank you Anne Parris and Sharon Hodor Greenthal of Midlife Boulevard, Beth Rosen of Boomfluent Media and Theresa Kindred of the Nanahood for letting me do my thing and throwing an amazing conferences with gobsmacking brands:

#Chicos (for statement necklaces) #Zappos (for CFM shoes) #Nissan (classy good gas mileage) #MadisonReed (no grey eyebrows) #Galderma (Angelina lips) #FeedBlitz (for business badassery) and more. And the connections I made there were just as important.


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  1. AlexandraFunFit
    AlexandraFunFit 21 April, 2016, 18:35

    Yay, thank you, as I wasn’t there on Friday. I love the specifics. Vague stuff makes me cray-cray. I hope you hit 15 this month.

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  2. Dana
    Dana 21 April, 2016, 19:13

    I <3 You, Shannon!!! I'm so glad to finally hear your voice and see you speak! Wow, these are amazing words of wisdom. I need to do all of this for sillyjillybeans! I feel like my brand is one that would be kinda related to yours (in terms of the target audience) – people who are unapologetically REAL, have no intention of wasting life on asshats (whether said asshats are men, friends, acquaintances, etc.), and definitely witty. Probably lots of other things, too. But for now, I have to come up with my alter ego, marry it, mug down with it, and set some goals!
    Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration and for all of your words of wisdom!!!

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  3. Reticula
    Reticula 22 April, 2016, 09:32

    What a great presentation, Shannon! Funny. Informative. Specific. Inspiring. I loved watching it, and I was sorry when it ended. You’re doing it, Girl!

    (I have to add — parenthetically, of course — that people who are on panels should be aware that they are being watched by the entire audience and are possibly being filmed too, because the woman who was on her phone over on the right side was distracting, and I would boycott her product whatever it is because I have lots of choices, and she was just rude. I imagine Facebook would have still been there after she got off the stage.)

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