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She Looked 10 Years Younger: Perfect Derma Chemical Peel

This chemical peel review is NOT a sponsored post for TWFKAB.

My friend, Jeannine, stopped by to drop off holiday snacks and I couldn’t believe how great she looked. Had to share her story with my fellow Women-on-the-Edge. (On the edge of what remains elusive):

New Skin for a New Year, The Perfect Derma™ Chemical Peel

Guest post by Jeannine Chanin Penn

As a woman of a certain age, I am always trying and willing to try many things to keep that aging monster a little bit softer and gentler.

Just before the holidays, I jumped at the opportunity to try a medical grade peel called The Perfect Derma™.

Although I had some concerns as to whether or not my face would be ‘falling off’ over Christmas lasagna, I was selfishly motivated to start the New Year with a fresh face! I was told the peeling process takes 5-8 days with flaking and dryness at various stages throughout and I bravely booked my appointment for 9 days before Christmas!

Because I was planning to write a post on my experience, I had the luxury of a home visit by Michelle from The Perfect Derma™. Normally, this is something that a Spa or Medical Professional does in their office and through the site locator you can find many practitioners throughout the U.S.

Michelle is tall, stunning and has beautiful skin. I was excited at the possibility of not only having fresher skin but maybe I’d get taller and thinner too! After I commented on her amazing skin, she went over a few more details about the peel, the process and the benefits as well as some of the immediate post procedure.

The actual application of the peel is a liquid that stings ever so slightly and takes a whopping 15 minutes. Michelle provided me with a Patient Home Care Kit (included in with the treatment) which included 2 post peel towelettes, a special post moisturizer and also gave me a tinted moisturizer for any times I would be outdoors.

That night I was a little dewy and slightly red but other than that looked normal.

Day 2 and 3, I was a little flaky and very dry and used lots of the moisturizer. For me, Day 3 and 4 were when the mega flakes started. I thought it was safe to attend a movie with my husband and son but I’m not sure the people in the lobby agreed!

I didn’t think I looked that bad, but the look on their faces made me wonder if I should have worn a hat and veil like the iconic episode of “Sex in the City” when Samantha attends Carrie’s book signing event after a face peel!

chemical peel

The Perfect Derma™ peel is not that strong and the worst I looked is pictured here which is nothing close to Samantha!

chemical peel

Nine days later Christmas arrived. I was indeed peeled and began to see the freshness appear.

However, the real benefits have continued to blossom. When I stopped to see Shannon a few days ago, she said, “You look fantastic, you look 10 years younger!” Clearly, it was worth every crooked stare and I wouldn’t hesitate to go for round 2.

For more information and to schedule your peel go to: http://www.theperfectdermapeel.com/

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