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This is What Syrian Refugees Look Like (Slideshow)

Thanks to the Paris terror attacks and the more recent mass shooting in San Bernardino by two Muslims, Syrian refugees are all over the news.

The internets and pundits are rife with Islamophobia and xenophobia as a result. (The Donald’s combover has never looked quite so outraged.)

I wasn’t sure how to become a counter-voice to America’s fears, until I was asked to give a presentation at my 6th and 8th grade daughters’ middle school about my recent experience gathering stories and volunteering in Syrian refugee camps on the small island of Lesvos in Greece.

I made a slideshow for the kids, utilizing the amazing portraits photographer Lori Dorman, Jade Beall and Jamie Grumet took while we were there, then realized I could share it here as well.

And so I give you “This is What Syrian Refugees Look Like …”  If you’d like to read more about our trip go here: 


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  1. McNab
    McNab 7 December, 2015, 19:45

    It is good that you see the good but unfortunately what you see is a wishful dream.

    There are hundreds of thousands of them living in tent cities in the unfriendly lands of the Turkish Syrian border. Only those who are lucky enough made it to Western countries but in the light of recent events, the European Union decided to send them all back to Turkey, after they put a carrot stick under Turkey’s nose that has “you be our guard dog and we will consider letting your citizens travel without visas in Europe starting in October of 2016” (of course it will be businessmen first who have enough money that they won’t suddenly decide to stay in Europe, and then it will be government officials, etc…, and it won’t be another 5-6 years before actual Turkish common citizens can travel, yet Europe hopes that the Syria problem will be solved before then so that they can come up with an excuse to cancel the deal they made).

    They are even offering 3 billion Euros in aid to Turkey to support the hundreds of thousands of Syrians they will literally dump on Turkey, not to mention Turkey is already spending 4.5 billion Euros out of pocket for the ones who are already there, meaning by no means that the 3 billion Euros will even provide a sub standard way of life.

    They will live little better than prisoners of war with famine rampant as well as all sorts of crime, and they won’t even be able to trust anyone they don’t know since there is no way to differentiate the radicalists from the regular refugees, and there will be many militants posing as refugees so that they can eventuly find their way to Western countries where they can continue on with their acts of terror.

    Greece is amongst the first countries that decided to “get rid” of the refugees with the pretense that they were “killing tourism and tourism provided most of the money Greece desperately needs”. Of course Greece along with Poland and a few other countries also refuse to contribute a single penny towards the 3 billion Euros promised to Turkey by the EU.

    And on top it all, the biggest insult comes in the form of EU’s other requirement which basically goes on to show that Europe never lost their desire to keep slavery alive even in this day and age when the opportunity arises. The requirement is that even though all Syrians will be deported to Turkey, the European countries will individually be able to GO TO THOSE CAMPS AND HAND PICK REFUGEES WHOM THEY WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE BACK TO THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES.

    Basically those camps will be meat markets for European countries so that they can go and find slaves that exactly match their needs, such as in “do we need doctors? Let’s go to the camp and pick a dozen. We are short on day laborers this month with the crops being better than expected, let’s go pick anl few hundred strong men…”

    They may not want any of them with the pretense that they can’t tell between terrorists and innocent civilians, but obviously when it comes to picking those that they need, they have no problems whatsoever in finding what they want.

    And unfortunately for the rest of the world, this is just the beginning. Even though ISIS had been killing non-Muslims at first, when they ran out of those so called “infidels”, they started executing Muslims of different sects. And now that they ran out of those for the most part, they are killing those from their own denomination, yet they claim they are only executing those who do not have the same exact beliefs as they do. However when Europe kicks out the Syrians out of their countries, ISIS will take that as an offence against the whole of Islam, meaning against themselves (even though they had no problem killing those Syrians, it was Muslims punishing other Muslims justly whereas when the West even lifts a hand against a single Muslim, it is seen as a Crusade against all Muslims), and will go ahead with more acts of terrorism. There is no way it will stop either until every single one of them has been dealt with appropriately. They use the lack of education and fear of God to indoctrinate and brainwash the young, and the less education people have, and the less fortunate they are economically, the easier to have them follow others like sheep, never questioning the orders given to them whatsoever.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 7 December, 2015, 20:10

      Thanks for your input. Will read this more slowly and attentively soon.

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