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A Vagina Walks Into a Bar …

I’ll admit it. I put “vagina” on my Google Alerts.

And I’m so glad that I did! All of the vagina articles are hilarious. People who write about vaginas don’t take life too seriously and seem to really like women (even if they are women).

I’m going to aggregate three fascinating articles about the cradle of life, but first, this is what happens when my vagina walks into a bar.

My Vagina: “I’ll take a vodka martini straight up. And dirty.”

The Bartender’s Vagina: “We don’t serve Brazilian wax jobs in this joint.”

My Vagina: “I wear nothing but a six-shooter and a smile; get over it.”

Tough Girl’s Vagina: “Are you talkin’ Smack?”

My Vagina: “I speak six languages and one of them is Chechen with a Smack dialect. You wanna take it outside? Because I can out-kegel you any day!”

Tough Girl’s Vagina: “Yeah, well I can bench press the Cirque Du Soleil twins!”

My Vagina: “Yeah well, Daniel Craig is my bae … on second thought, don’t tell Shannon. She doesn’t need to know what I do when she’s asleep.”

The Bartender’s Vagina: “Then I guess you’ll take that martini shaken, not stirred.”

My Vagina nods, adding: “With some Astroglide in a sidecar”.

Please to enjoy 7 Vaginal Hygiene Mistakes on Bustle.
The Vagina App named Ruby! and Please don’t get a PornStar Vagina!



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