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I Love These Guys and Their Quest to “Craft a Cup of Wellness” at Java Elixir!

Java Elixir

Chris & Chris. Faces you can trust and that you compulsively want to mother. I want to make them pancakes and pack their lunches before they go off to work.

1. I love easy ways to make my life better. PLUS

2. I love innovators. EQUALS

3. The fresh-faced, passionate, Canadian (i.e. likable) entrepreneurs Chris Tester and Chris Kim of the new, kickass brand, Java Elixir.

Chris Tester was in a smoothie shop one morning watching workers add all kinds of health-boosting supplements to what was basically a sugar-laden, unhealthy treat and wondered why he couldn’t do the same thing, but for those of us who drink coffee every day?

From that first brainstorm Java Elixir was born; which is a line of liquid herbal supplements that can be added to your morning cup of Joe. I’ve always loved herbal supplements and places like Sunrider International make it so easy for you to get the best quality supplements. This is why I was over the moon when I found out about Java Elixir.

And better yet, the elixirs are virtually flavorless in coffee, have no added sugar or flavors, are made with organic products and are Health Canada approved (which has the USDA beat by a mile).

Here are mine on the day they arrived, sitting on my To Do List like little soldiers.

Here are mine on the day they arrived, sitting on my To Do List like little soldiers.

Chris and Chris reached out to me to ask if I’d be willing to write a sponsored post for their brand, I said I would but would first have to try the product.

Two bottles of Java Elixir arrived on my doorstep one week later.

The first is their Focus+ Elixir (I feel a bit like Hermione Granger using the word “elixir”) which claims to support cognitive function (something this woman-of-a-certain-age can use) and reduce mental fatigue and stress.

It’s ingredient label reads like a yogic haiku (and is also in French, which is tres chic): Ginkgo Leaf, Korean Red Gingseng root, Lemon Balm Arial parts, St. John’s Wort flower, Oat green tops and Brahmi Arial parts.

I started googling these ingredients to discover they are indeed used to improve mental acuity, but guess what?

Some are also used to help sexual performance in men and women, which I can certainly get behind (so to speak).

As you can see Java Elixir has taken 10 years off of my brain!

As you can see Java Elixir has taken 10 years off of my brain!

The second bottle that arrived was the Chris’s 10 Day Detox Elixir which is traditionally used in western herbal medicine to help eliminate toxins through the kidneys, skin and mucous membranes with ingredients that include Red Clover Flower, Burdock Root, Oregon Grape Root and more.

I’ve been supplementing my coffee for the last 8 days.

I’ll admit there was not an instant Jesus-Has-Returned moment, but over the course of time I’m noticing an accumulation of well-being and marked uptick in energy.

I’m one of those people who almost never remembers names and faces. Which might be a sign of oncoming dementia and/or The Apocalypse.

But what I’ve noticed over the last week is that I’m actually focused enough upon introduction now to make an effort to pay attention when someone tells me their name.

Normally I’m two days ahead in my brain shopping at Costco when I meet new people. Which makes them really like me.

(When I introduced my mom the other night I instantly knew she was Kathy. Sometimes her name is just on the tip of my tongue.)

In fact, I’m so taken by the product that I’m lowering my sponsorship fee because Java Elixir is a start-up company and I really want to support their innovation, enthusiasm and truly excellent product.

(Chris and Chris, you have it here in writing, I am officially lowering my fee. Don’t tell the other brands.)

So pop over and check out their site which is actually a really fun look and read.

Or take a peek at their video below, you’ll see why I like them so much.

It might even inspire you to follow your entrepreneurial dreams and to Craft a Cup of Wellness with their fabulous elixirs!

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