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Sizzle Video for our Shift For Love Seminar & My New Relationship Site is Live!

Setting BoundariesHello TWFKAB readers. You may have noticed I’ve been writing a lot about relationships lately, which isn’t the reason most of you come here.

(You come for the free pizza and peyote tabs)

But it’s also the only reason a small percentage of you do come here.

So for the two of you, I’ve launched a new website wherein I write about Asshat Recovery, the Dating Dojo and Marriage Mojo (there’s a little crossover in the married sex arena. I’m sorry Henry.)

I’ve also started an “Ask Shannon” video series where I answer reader’s questions on dating, marriage and romance. I’ve got 4 new videos up for your perusal covering these topics:

#1 She wanted to move in the first week they were dating. Is that normal? #2 The Number One Dating Rule. #3 What do you do when your Married Sex sucks? #4 What Can I do when I no Longer find my Spouse Attractive?

I’d love your feedback.

And for those of you who haven’t heard about the Shift For Love seminar where I’ll be speaking next month have a look at our video.

And if you decide to attend get 20% off your ticket price by typing in xCATNIP15.

I look forward to writing more of what you like here on TWFKAB, xo S

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