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Daphne Brogdon Uses her Powers for Good, Not Evil With her new Show, Daphne Dishes on The Food Network (not sponsored btw)

There is a woman I love who epitomizes the word mensch even though I think she’s a shiksa. So I was thrilled to discover her hilarity and prowess in the culinary arts are being rewarded.

Daphne now has her very own stand-up routine on her cooking show, Daphne Dishes on The Food Network.

It rolls out today (Jan 4th) at noon. Be sure to DVR, TIVO and just have it tattooed on some part of your nether regions. Daphne is NOT paying me to write about this, this is simply one of those moments where I’m glad I have a blog to brag about the people I think kick the proverbial ass.

Also, Daphne cooks like a whizz bang. Off to watch xoxoxo S

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  1. Daph
    Daph 4 January, 2015, 15:51

    Oh, Love, thank you so much and as always you are so funny. I love I use my powers for good!

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