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Colbie Caillat’s “Try” Made Me Cry

My new favorite song from Colbie Caillat. But the glorious images rival the beauty of her voice.

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  1. Laurie Story
    Laurie Story 14 July, 2014, 02:58

    Hi Shannon– Love this video. I think a wonderful challenge would be to go without make-up and Spanx for 30 days and write about your experience. It would take real courage to do it and would be the definition of going nude! Being really open and vulnerable– and talk about a body image statement and defying social expectations. Love from the UK.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 14 July, 2014, 09:50

      Hi Laurie — I loooovvvveee the UK! I already did the challenge you’re talking about at the beach all week at Newport, no hair, make-up and definitely no Spanx. I spent most of my time in the sand or boogie boarding in the ocean so it was worth it. But didn’t blog about it. Might have to.Thanks so much for stopping by and I love getting comments. xo S

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  2. Val Newman
    Val Newman 14 July, 2014, 03:48

    Wow. Wonderful and powerful. Thanks for sharing that video. A great message for our young daughters.(and us)


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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 14 July, 2014, 09:51

      Hi Val — I absolutely fell in love with the bald woman. Her smile was stunning.

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  3. Claudia Schmidt
    Claudia Schmidt 14 July, 2014, 09:58

    Oh, I love this! Brought a tear AND a smile to my face today. Beautiful.

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  4. Laurie Story
    Laurie Story 14 July, 2014, 10:42

    You should definitely write about it. And take it further. Lx

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  5. Liv
    Liv 22 July, 2014, 07:15

    I loved this song even more after I saw the video.

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  6. Lynne Cobb
    Lynne Cobb 4 August, 2014, 07:48

    They all looked their very best when they smiled. No make-up, no “perfect hair,” just smiles. Cool video – thanks for sharing!

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 5 August, 2014, 07:53

      Hey Lynne — I particularly thought the bald woman looked stunning when she smiled and without her wig.

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  7. Carmen
    Carmen 4 August, 2014, 13:03

    For me Sundays are no-make-up days. Even if I have to go to the grocery store. Sometimes it feels a little awkward (at the store) but never awkward when I want to spontaneously jump in the pool with the kids, or take a nap on the cream colored couch. Thanks for sharing this great video!

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 5 August, 2014, 07:56

      Carmen you sound like such a fun mommy! I spent a week at the beach with the girls and completely gave up on everything. You can’t really maintain hair and make-up when you’re boogie boarding.

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