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Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care or The Zen of an Aging Neck

My version of organic anti-aging skin care isn’t what you’d expect…

Over 40 we all have it. The body part we notice is a harbinger of our rendezvous with Death. (Oh, happy Monday!)

organic anti aging skin care

My neck in its callow youth circa 1992.

Mine is my neck. My legs are stronger and harder, at age 48, than they have ever been thanks to twice-a-week ballet barre classes.

When I’m particularly obnoxious I ask grown men to punch me in the stomach. I really do. I tell them not to hold back, because under an insouciant layer of fat, my stomach is iron.

Be careful, you might break your hand.

But my neck is beyond my control. The flesh there is 48-year-old raised-in-Southern-California-with-no-sunblock flesh. It’s soft, loose, buckling under the pressure of time.

I first noticed the slight bit of papier-mâché there when I was 36. As I perused an earring display at Yoga Works I accidentally glimpsed said neck in a mirror with the sun hitting it just so.

I became my grandmother in that instant. Past her prime and folding slowly down and down and down to the earth and obsolescence.

I didn’t so much mind that my neck looked suddenly unattractive to me, but rather that I became aware for the first time that I, like all humans, was going to get old and eventually be no more. And it is temptation to use anti aging vitamin c products is getting stronger.

I’d known this intellectually, but hadn’t really understood it in the profound way that an altered body brings home.

I’m not young anymore, but I fight Age with the ferocity of all of the warriors in 300: Rise of an Empire, soon to spray blood in 3-D across movie IMAX movie screens in Los Angeles.

I will drive, read, laugh, drink wine, travel, listen, learn, and love until the curtain closes on this body of mine. Some people want to delay the aging process with creams and anti aging peptides which is great for them, but I never felt I needed to.

Me_ballet_arms-1.picHaving said that I feel unexpectedly tender toward my neck.

It reminds me time is short and that I’m lucky to be alive. Lucky to walk the planet like so many who have come before me and who will come after.

It reminds me of my vulnerability and, extrapolating from there, the vulnerability of all people. Which elicits this well of goodwill and love toward my fellow man.

That, dear friends, is the Zen of an Aging Neck.

What body part keeps you humble?

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  1. AlexandraFunFit
    AlexandraFunFit 10 March, 2014, 17:10

    I’ll take your word for it, but I think you’re more beautiful now than you were then, and you were smokin’ hot!

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  2. Jennifer Steck
    Jennifer Steck 10 March, 2014, 18:43

    My neck has always bothered me and as I work on losing weight, it’s going to become a bigger problem. Oh well, I would rather be healthy. I’m not sure if plastic surgery is an option, but I might consider it. Congrats for being in such great shape. That’s awesome!

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  3. Susan Bonifant
    Susan Bonifant 11 March, 2014, 05:32

    “…when I’m particularly obnoxious…” Loved that line and loved the visual. Great post. And your perspective on the whole THING of changing appearance is so refreshing I hope you’ll resist the plastic surgery route. It just elongates the angst from everything I’ve heard.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 11 March, 2014, 09:37

      Susan thanks for stopping by! I must confess that I’ve already had a little “work” done. My POV is do what makes you happy unless you’re Joan Rivers.

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  4. stef
    stef 11 March, 2014, 13:13

    Ahh, that giveaway neck area!! I noticed it around 39, when it caught me by surprise as I leaned out the window of our car on the way to the beach, and I caught a glimpse (of just my NECK AND CHEST) in the rear view window. Could have SWORN it was my mom…

    Since then I slather my neck, upper check and even shoulders with organic coconut oil at night, and I’m happy to report it appears to have improved the view!

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  5. T
    T 17 March, 2014, 04:29

    use retinol. use the strongest you can tolerate. I use 1.0. Had to work my way up but its worth it. Make sure it is in a tube not a jar. Let your dermatologist guide you if need be. Will tighten your neck and the rest of your face. Then use a sunscreen at least 30 SPF, results are amazing.
    You wil love your new skin.

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  6. KelseyP
    KelseyP 17 March, 2014, 18:53

    Thanks for this – I have literally been obsessing over my neck, and this made me laugh and realize I can take it in stride.

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  7. Dr. Margaret Rutherford
    Dr. Margaret Rutherford 10 May, 2014, 18:39

    Nora Ephron would agree with you. One of her last books – “I Feel Bad About My Neck” – and one of her funniest. We need to all breathe. A lot. And I pray no one hits me in the stomach. Good though for you.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 11 May, 2014, 09:35

      Hi Margaret — I loved Nora Ephron’s book. She had a way of tapping into the issues we have and making them funny and relatable. Miss that voice.

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