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A Visit to Homeboy Industries With Jamie Lynne Grumet

My friend Jamie Lynne Grumet – recently on the cover of Time nursing her toddler Aram – is forcing me to step out of my comfort zone.

At last tally she’s gotten me to join her at far-flung speakeasies for a trip to the roaring 20s, she’s convinced me to bring my family to South Africa on safari, but also to visit orphanages and townships that need support.

And just last Monday she got me to come with her to Homeboy Industries.

Jamie, Dre, Shannon and Edward at Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is in the business of helping gang bangers and criminals to get jobs and reform their lives.

Our tour guide, Edward, shared his story which included a 10-year stint in prison.

So, I found it touching when he told our group that he was nervous talking to us, that public speaking scares him.

It reminded me yet again that we’re all the same, but born to different circumstances that can shape us positively or negatively.

To read more about Homeboy Industries and what they do go to Jamie’s page HERE.

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  1. Anne Louise Bannon
    Anne Louise Bannon 15 June, 2012, 10:23

    Did you guys get to meet Fr. Greg Boyle? He’s the greatest! Last Christmas, I did a craft show and got set up next to their booth. The ladies running it were so loving and great.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 15 June, 2012, 14:14

      We didn’t get to meet Fr. Greg, but we saw evidence of what he’s doing down there, which is revolutionary. If only this could infiltrate the prison system it would be such a catalyst for change.

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  2. Jamie
    Jamie 15 June, 2012, 12:35

    Hey Homey…Everyone was asking about you today. We’re going back as a duo next time! That is how we operate!

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 15 June, 2012, 14:15

      You are going to turn me into a wonderful person despite my attempts to continue my navel gazing. Sigh.

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  3. Amelia
    Amelia 15 June, 2012, 13:02

    Homeboy Industries is so amazing, because not only do they make a huge impact on so many people’s lives, but they also make products that are downright delicious. Their salsas are ridiculous, and the related Homegirl industries makes the BEST “shaken salads” – they taste more like a treat than a salad!

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 15 June, 2012, 14:16

      Next time we go down there I’m bringing money for lunch. The pastries look amazing.

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  4. Julie Ordonez
    Julie Ordonez 15 June, 2012, 13:55

    what an awesome organization!

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 15 June, 2012, 14:16

      I’d heard about it a long time ago on NPR and was so happy to see how they work up close.

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  5. Shelby Barone
    Shelby Barone 15 June, 2012, 23:29

    That is awesome that she is getting you out of your comfort zone. She is an inspiration to many of us.

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  6. Donna
    Donna 16 June, 2012, 11:12

    I love Homeboy’s mission and Mae it a point to purchase their chips and salsas (on sale at Ralph’s). When you were there, did you dine at the Home Girl Cafe? Nom nom!

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  7. Elizabeth Meyer
    Elizabeth Meyer 20 June, 2012, 01:43

    South Africa? When are you coming to visit us in South Africa?

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