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Tag "ban on shopping"

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Dress #7 of 71 Dresses in 71 Days

Today sucked. Period. I wrote poorly. I lost legal documents. My iphone (aka the blood that runs in my veins) crashed. I have to end a business relationship. And my tooth fell out. I’m awaiting a crown for what is

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Don’t Open That Sundance Catalogue, It’s A Trap!

Monday Sins: Don’t Open That Sundance Catalogue, It’s A Trap! (I’ve started a Blog Project. Every Monday I’ll report on the hand-to-hand combat with my 5 Deadly Sins: 1. Overeating 2. Frivolous Shopping 3. Sneaky Gossiping 4. Jealousy 5. Hubris, “excessive pride or arrogance.” My goal: To vanquish these

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