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Worst Husband in the World, Killing My Own Kid Video Gone Viral

If my husband ever did this to me I’d go Lorena Bobbitt on his ass:

As the family story goes, when I was a newborn both grandmothers came to my parent’s tiny apartment to meet me for the first time. My dad came into the living room carrying me wrapped and swaddled in a blanket, tripped, fell and accidentally threw me into the burning fireplace as everyone screamed.

Only it wasn’t really me, but a doll he’d wrapped up. Dad! How could you???

What do you think of the dad in the killing my own kid video? Worst husband ever?

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  1. BeverlyHillsMom
    BeverlyHillsMom 4 December, 2014, 19:47

    I don’t think I could even LOOK at that bastard for a very long time, if ever. How a person could think that would be funny is unfathomable. It broke my heart when I saw the mom’s panic as she ran down the stairs. F#%king asshole.

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