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Male Blog Readers, Come Out of the Woodwork and Tell Me Why You Read Me?

Hi guys — so I’m working on marketing my website to transition from pocket change traffic, to pay-the-mortgage traffic. One thing my analytics tell me is that 54% of my readers are men, which I admit really surprised me.

I thought the people most likely to enjoy my blog are women my age, but apparently gentlemen aren’t too off-put by all my vagina references so if you are one of my male blog readers and a regular visitor, I’d love to know why you visit?  So perhaps I can do more of that.

And ladies, frankly I’d love to know why you visit as well?

Thanks in advance!

Gentlemen, you’re not coming here solely for the nudes, are you?


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  1. Cathy C.
    Cathy C. 4 February, 2014, 01:41

    I visit because you are hilarious and bluntly truthful in what you share about your life. And it’s nice reading words that echo thoughts and insecurities I have had too.

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  2. Christine
    Christine 4 February, 2014, 06:45

    From a woman’s standpoint, I read because your posts are refreshing, and always full of Humor. Im 30 years old, stuck at a desk all day, and I enjoy being able to lose myself for a little while while reading your posts. Always, and I mean always, brings a smile to my face! Thank you for that!!!! 🙂

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  3. mirela
    mirela 4 February, 2014, 09:42

    You are a great writer and your sense of humor is very appealing to me. Keep writing!

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  4. joanne
    joanne 4 February, 2014, 11:19

    Really, you don’t know? Well, you’re beautiful, smart and funny – a trifecta most men worth having can’t resist. Not to mention a terrific writer. Keep it up!

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  5. DeanaCal
    DeanaCal 4 February, 2014, 16:29

    I come here because everything you post really resonates with me. We’re very close to the same age, so I get your pop culture references, and our kids are close to the same age also – I’m one of the oldest moms of the middle school, but hanging on to fabulous in my forties. 🙂 Except I never posed nude. Other than that, twinsies!

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 4 February, 2014, 16:38

      I don’t mean to be a noodge DeanaCal, but it’s time for your nudes. I can’t be out here all by myself, tits to the wind!

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  6. Ulli
    Ulli 5 February, 2014, 02:58

    I read because you are honest and FUNNY and gorgeous. 🙂

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  7. Orfyn
    Orfyn 6 February, 2014, 18:12

    I first saw your blog when I joined blogcatalog. I enjoy your blunt humor, creative use of language and subject material. As a writer, male, parent, spouse, blogger, I find a lot of relevancy in your writing, and I get some good laughs out of it as well. And just maybe I get some insight into the female perspective. Keep it up.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 6 February, 2014, 22:14

      Orfyn — I think “blunt humor” might be the best compliment I’ve received. But my husband will be happy to hear you come for “insight into the female perspective.” That was his call and he was right. Thanks so much for filling me in xo

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  8. peter
    peter 7 February, 2014, 12:02

    I read because of what and how you write. I generally enjoy the subjects you pick. I find them funny, amusing, interesting with a different spin. I like how when you find a topic you’re open with it, if there is something being held back, it’s hard to notice; as in it’s not a glaring omission.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 7 February, 2014, 13:32

      Why thank you Pierre. Will continue to try to live up to your comment. xo

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  9. Doug Smith
    Doug Smith 8 February, 2014, 06:19

    54% of the readers might be male, but the majority or responders so far have been female. I cannot remember how I first came across your blog. I do love your humor and the fact that no topic seems taboo. My wife and I never had kids, but I related to your latest blog about the to-do list somehow. Maybe I could picture myself staring at the light coming in the skylight when I was that age (if we had had a skylight). I will also admit that I love your photos. I really liked the set you did recreating photos from your twenties. The photos were great, you looked great back then and you look great now. But, how great you look aside, I liked who you were exploring who you were back then, who you are now, how you are the same, and how you are different. I know that exercise went far beyond just taking photos and comparing physical appearance. What is even better though is the fact you share it with people allowing them to possibly grow in self confidence.

    As I am typing I am thinking back and probably the thing that hooked me first is the title of the blog, The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful. There is just a lot one can get from that title, but I will close and say that the title The Woman Still Known as Beautiful would be an honest title for the blog.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 8 February, 2014, 09:01

      Doug thank you so much for your comment. I so appreciate the complexity and depth of your answer. I especially love that you derived something apart from appearance in the two sets of nudes. In doing so you’re making me think about them in a more profound way. So glad to have you visiting here often. It inspires me to be better. Best, S

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  10. Sharona Zee
    Sharona Zee 15 February, 2014, 21:33

    I read because of your “voice”, to get all literary and pretentious.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 16 February, 2014, 10:12

      Hi Sharona — please be as literary and pretentious as possible. Sometimes it feels like I’m writing a Cheerios box, so this is encouraging.

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  11. April
    April 17 February, 2014, 05:27

    While we are not close in age, your words on being a mom, your attitude about life in general, your realism, and body awareness (and honesty!) keep me coming back. I love your humor and wisdom, and I am an avid reader. As a working mom without a perfect (by media standards) body, I relate to your words. Keep up the good stuff. LOVED the Valentine’s Day post. To hell with the ridiculous standard of public love displays. It’s the everyday little shit that keeps my-11 years strong-married love alive.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 17 February, 2014, 11:32

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my work. That’s just set me up for the rest of the month! And,yes, marriage is all about love and patience every day!

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  12. marc
    marc 20 February, 2014, 13:16

    Here I am, SB-C, meeting BOTH the requirements of woodwork emerging and maleness. So, HA! to those responders who meet just ONE of them. And, wait–it gets better: I’ve actually SHARED you on Facebook, via your Huff-post blog, for the same reasons I’ve come out of the woodwork to tell you why I read you. To wit: 1) your wit; 2) your potty mouth; 3) your vast understanding of the maleness to which I previously alluded; 4) your even vaster understanding of the Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan notwithstanding; and 5) you’re way prettier than Betty Friedan. That pretty much covers it, and thank you very much.

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 20 February, 2014, 19:19

      Marc — how kind of you to appreciate my potty mouth and various attributes. You’ve probably only encouraged me to further heights of inappropriateness. xo S

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