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Why It’s Great to be 48!

Tomorrow I turn 48.  Here’s what I like about 48:

My kids are not so cynically aged that I am obsolete and they’re not so green that I have to deal with their poop in all its iterations.

I’m the most confident I’ve ever been, in part because I found out about Yummy Tummy underwear and now I don’t have panty lines under my dresses anymore.

I like myself.  I’d hang out with me if I weren’t me because I give really good tickles and massages and feel compelled to make people laugh.  I’m also a marauding compliment-er.  (i.e. your eyes are luminous pools of star-fire as you read this post)

I trust myself.  I’m not going to leave Henry for a Floridian porn producer unless Henry’s disguised as one.

I crack myself up.  The other day I was reading one of Henry’s scripts in order to give him notes and I laughed out loud.  Henry, pleased, asked me what I thought was so funny and I said, “I was laughing at the note I gave you in the margin.”  For some reason this annoyed him.

I have quit exercising to lose weight, but simply to feel the lengthening and strength in my muscles and the jack-hammer of my heart as it ramps up my circulatory system.  And also to be able to open a jar with my buttocks.

I don’t suffer fools gladly, but will do so with a certain detachment if it’s in my best interest, like when there’s money or chocolate involved.

I know I’m smart enough, but not a genius and that’s okay.

I like my frizzy, curly hair for the first time ever, in fact, it’s my secret weapon.  I can smother assailants in it.

I have my facial fuzz totally under control and only 1% of it is grey.

I’m optimistically married.

Me and Michaelpic

I’m a good enough mother and I like my kids.  In particular Clare’s deadpan insistence that one day she and our male tabby cat Beanie are going to get married and Bridget’s yen for singing Footloose’s “I Need A Hero” passionately off-key while jumping in a polka-dot bikini in our trampoline.

I feel pretty, and fortunate I have access to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and Mary Kay.  Even when I don’t use them, it’s good to know they’re there.  Like God.

I can still be surprised and delighted i.e. by Wes Anderson’s dazzling Moonrise Kingdom, by the heady combination of prosciutto e melone, by the strong, furry, good-smelling safe cave of my husband’s chest in bed at night, by my daughter Clare’s wide-set, magnificent cornflower blue eyes, by the ever-increasing pageant of summery freckles that bedeck dear Bridget’s soft, round face.

Bridget freckles

I love 48, just between young and old, both humble and celebratory, I open my arms to you.


What do you love about the age you inhabit?

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  1. Rosie Carrillo
    Rosie Carrillo 26 June, 2013, 15:00

    Happy,Happy Birthday, and God continue Blessing You! I so enjoy reading your zany, upbeat, funny blogs.

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  2. Caryl
    Caryl 27 June, 2013, 07:57

    For everything you said. And more. Who knew it would take so long to Get Comfortable With Myself?! WTF?

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  3. joanne
    joanne 27 June, 2013, 09:28

    Happy, Happy Birthday, my dear Shannon!
    48! Bless your heart! I met the ‘un-husband’ when I was that age, so 48 was pretty good to me.
    I’ve been celebrating my own birth (next month) with my east coast girlfriends for the past 7 years at the beach. I’ll be heading out in two weeks to the funky, retro, beachfront motel where we always go. It helps that it also has an oceanfront open-air bar, just steps from our doors! I’ll drink a planter’s punch for you, sweet lady, and introduce your site to my old friends. And, I do mean old.
    Have a great day!

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    • Shannon
      Shannon Author 27 June, 2013, 15:46

      Joanne thanks for your kind words. I love that you and the gals celebrate annually. My two best friends since 4th grade and I try to meet in Palm Springs every September so I think this next time I’ll have to try a Planter’s Punch!

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  4. Megan
    Megan 27 June, 2013, 09:53

    Happy Birthday!

    What I love about being 45 (soon to be 46) is that I am not scared of much of anything anymore.

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  5. Jane
    Jane 27 June, 2013, 18:58

    Sounds like you don’t need any Happy Birthday wishes – but I’ll sending Wishes for Continued Happy Birthdays!

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  6. Jane
    Jane 27 June, 2013, 23:58

    *but I’ll be
    I used to be an English teacher However, typing was never my strong suit.

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  7. Lydia
    Lydia 28 June, 2013, 01:13

    Happy birthday!! 🙂

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