• Good Reads: BlogHer’s 2012 Voices of the Year Anthology

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    Last October I had the lovely opportunity to sit in a conference room with 5,000 bloggers and, as I took my first bite of something sweet stuffed in philo dough, to witness the projection of my naked 47-year old body on two huge screens abutting the stage where Martha Stewart was soon to speak.

    “There’s my naked body!” I cried to the ten bloggers I didn’t know also eating fattening globs of dough at my table. They weren’t impressed. All of this to say I’ve been fortunate to be included in BlogHer’s first Voices of the Year Anthology for my body image video Love. Your. Body. Now.

    Do you see how bossy I am?  I not only want some of your mental space by hoping you’ll read my blog, but I’d also like some of your money because the book is now on sale. Actually I won’t be getting the money, BlogHer will be. I did, however, get some back end points that entitle me to free chocolate croissants at the next BlogHer conference.

    With or without me this book is a fantastic page turner and belongs on your good reads list.  Some of the crispy-freshest new voices are compiled here: from Ann Imig a Stay-At-Home Humorist to Alexandra Rojas, The Empress of three Young Kings in Alaska, to Shari Simpson of Dusty Earthmother who can make menstruating on a white chair that cost more than her car at Tori Spelling’s house the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.  And let’s not forget JCLittle, the Animated Woman, who loves My Kloutoris…


    Need I say more?

    And this from BlogHer:

    “Life well said” is BlogHer’s mantra, and you’ll see what they mean when you read this collection from the BlogHer 2012 Voices of the Year.

    BlogHer is a unique media company created by women, for women, and—most importantly—with women, women like those whose voices you’ll read in this collection. Each year, BlogHer—the largest network of women who blog—hosts an initiative to identify the very best work from across the blogosphere. Submitted by the community, selected by a committee, and presented at the world’s largest blogging conference, the pieces presented here have it all because women live it all—online and off. Humor. Inspiration. Food. Family. Style. Sex. Politics. Tech. Career. Dreams. BlogHer’s Voices of the Year reminds us of the transformative power of blogs to connect us all via powerful storytelling.

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