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    We were reading in bed like we usually do. You were extorting me for tickles, like you usually do. Up came your Yankees shirt and there they were. The very beginnings of womanhood on your chest. No! I thought. Not yet. She still sleeps with Gymbo-the-Clown who peeks over her shoulder with a smug grin as I spoon my beautiful tom-girl.

    You are the baby with the Alfred Hitchcock cheeks, the toddler who took my big toe gently between four teeth and bit down hard, the girl who will only wear braids and never a dress. You’re on the way to becoming a remarkable woman. But slow down, smell the roses, wait a moment by the gate for me to gather some perfumed flowers, a tidy bouquet to send you off and on your way. I love you, I love you, I love you.

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    16 comments > Write one

    1. Jennifer says:

      Some day she’s going to write a Mommie Dearest type of book if you keep this up.

      Kidding! I kid. I have a 10 year old with the same thing, it’s absolutely bittersweet.

    2. What a sweet post. My son is 3 going on 30 and I already cringe at how fast he’s getting older.

    3. Jenn Willey says:

      Aww, I LOVE this! Yes, she will HATE it! And I agree, they just grow up way too fast!

    4. Renee W says:

      That’s so precious. I dread this day with my daughter. She’s only three, but we all know how time flies…

    5. Marta says:

      I try so often to imagine my kids older and I just can’t. But I know one day I will be sitting here trying to imagine them this size and not be able to remember. Its all too fast.

    6. It’s killing me! They’re growing up too fast. My 8-year-old keeps saying “Geez, mom, I already know” to everything I say. But I have so much more to teach him! And my 6-year-old pretended like he didn’t know me the other day when I picked him up from star.

    7. Caryn B says:

      Oh Shannon…I cannot believe how quickly they grow up. My son will be starting KINDER in the Fall…I was just pregnant with him…recovering from a Csection…nursing him….sigh….she’s adorable by the way

      • Shannon says:

        Hi Caryn — thank you for the compliment on my daughter. I’m nauseatingly smitten with her at the moment. She just turned 10 yesterday, two digits. Sigh.

    8. John says:

      Time does not flow, it suddenly belches out loud and there you find yourself saying when did that happen! My daughter is almost 17 and I swear just yesterday I was spoon feeding her rice cereal between mommies feedings…

      BELCH, damn my son just turned 13 and seems to have a real six pack!

    9. Donna says:

      Oh how time flies! My baby girl is going off to college in the fall but I remember those days so well! I still have my boys but they won’t let me braid their hair….

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