• Battle of the Narcissists

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    I slump next to Fred, who is 5, on a couch at his mom’s birthday party.

    Me: I can’t believe your mom is 47 because that means I’m almost 47.

    Fred: Do you like Star Wars or The Clone Wars better?

    Me: … because I was just 18 yesterday with no sags or wrinkles…

    Fred:… because Ahsoka’s boring and she’s a girl.

    Me: … and then you wonder about the path least taken, could I have been a podiatrist?  I’ll never know…

    Fred: … all the good guys are boring except Anakin cuz he ends up on the Dark Side.

    Fred pulls his black beanie over his face. Makes Darth Vader BREATHING NOISES. Chee-hooo, cheee-hoooo.

    Me: … should I have taken that personal assistant job to Woody Harrelson when I had the chance? … because he might’ve got me acting work … or he might’ve just got me addicted to hemp and Oscillococcinum …

    Fred: (pulling up his beanie) Do Wookies poop?

    Me: … of course your mom is three months older than me, I’ll always be just a little bit younger …

    Fred: … because they have so much fur on their butts and the poop’d get stuck …

    Me: … in 1983 I thought of taking up synchronized swimming …

    Fred: (makes Wookie Howl)

    Me: … it’s too late for that now … too much leg kicking and my knees are shot … although extra fat does make you buoyant …

    Fred:  I’m going to destroy you!

    Me: Ow! Why did you poke me with your truck?

    Fred: It’s my lightsaber! Pshew, pshew! Pshew, pshew, pshew!

    Me: Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?

    Fred: I’m Darth Maul.

    Me: Oh you’re so cute! I’ll never have a son … because I’m too old!

    Fred: Ack. Ack. Stop kissing my cheeks!

    Me: Oh, I want to eat those cheeks, give me those cheeks!

    Fred: Mommyyyyyy!

    Me: Oh sure, right! Go ahead and run to your mommy! Because it’s all about you, isn’t it? You’re just one of those kindergarten narcissists! What about me? Don’t my needs count? What about meeeeee???

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    26 comments > Write one

    1. Jeannine says:

      been there… very funny!

    2. LOL!! He’ll be running to Mommy even when he is 47. :)

    3. Jennifer says:

      I could *totally* have spent the afternoon debating the various merits of Star Wars and that awful Clone Wars Lucas money-grab with that boy. Where was he at the last birthday party I went to? I had to listen to moms natter on about botox and some kin of gross smile line filler-inner-thing.

    4. Jamie says:

      Well, I’m 48 and I recently bought v expense patches and creams for the lady garden and everything else that is in need of care. I’m now debating whether to cute my hair. Maybe that will take me back down to 43 or so.

    5. Jamie says:

      Fred needs to get over himself.


      And I’m glad you didn’t take that job with Woody Harrelson. He gives me the heebie jeebies!

    6. Lori C. says:

      You’re supposed to stop counting after 40, right? :)

    7. Wendy says:

      best line ever: “or he might’ve just got me addicted to hemp and Oscillococcinum…”

    8. Florinda says:

      NOW I understand that question you asked me! It’s all Fred’s fault…

      (And I’m almost DONE being 47. I’m leaving this comment two hours before my 48th birthday.)

    9. Ana Flores says:

      That was it? I want more!

    10. Too funny. How interesting that as we get older we actually get closer to reverting back to our 5 year old selves. :-)

      • Shannon says:

        As my grandpa Rusty said just before he passes away (he was an old cowboy), “We’re born in diapers and we die in diapers.” That man could make you laugh no matter what was happening.

    11. Tanya Doyle says:

      I don’t know which is sadder…that I have had the same thoughts as you or that I have had the same thoughts as him.

      I’m new to this game and just found you on aiminglow. So glad I did!

    12. Caryn says:

      I used to be a camp counselor and taught preschoolers and oh the conversations I’ve had with them haha

    13. HAHAHAHAHA. I often feel like, in a roomful of kids, I am basically Talking To Myself.

    14. NBK says:

      so funny! love you posting it!

    15. kat says:

      I see my future! :)

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